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Kaysen Steel Industry Co Ltd was founded in 2002 with 15years experience in exporting and manufacturing Stainless Steel Sanitary Pipe Fittings Stainless Steel Sanitary Ball Valve Butterfly Valve Check Valve Diaphragm Valve Pneumatic actuator Electric Actuator Safety valve Tank Equipments Centrifugal Pump Stainless Steel Vacuum Fittings Vacuum Valves Stainless Steel Sanitary Tubes Stainless Steel Polished Pipes etc We pay more attention to our Quality Managment from the raw materil to the finished products strict quality control for every step of the production For Quality Assured Fittings and Valves Pipes at a Competitive Price You can Count on Kaysen Buying from KAYSEN shall be your right...

Categories and Products

Sanitary Stainless Steel Valves

Sanitary Ball Valves

3 PC Sanitary Tri Clamp Ball Valve SS304 3A 3PC Sanitary Ball Valve Weld Type Sanitary 3A Three Way Clamped Ball Valves SS304 Sanitary Stainless Steel Direct Way Clamped Ball Valve Sanitary Direct Way Weld Ball Valves 3A/DIN Sanitary clamp manual direct-way ball valves DIN Sanitary clamp 3 PC non-retention ball valves 3A/DIN Sanitary welding 3PC non-rentention ball valves DIN/3A Sanitary manual weld direct-way ball valves Sanitary direct way ball valves female thread end Sanitary direct way ball valves male thread end Sanitary manual three pieces female threaded ball valves Sanitary pneumatic three pieces female threaded ball valves Sanitary pneumatic three pieces ball valves clamped end Sanitary pneumatic direct way ball valves clamped end Sanitary butterfly type ball valves clamped end Sanitary butterfly type ball valves welded end DN20 Sanitary stainless steel floating ball valves 1/2" Stainless steel ball float valve SS304/SS316L Sanitary ball float valve 

Mini Ball Valves

Sanitary PN63 Mini ball valve male to male Sanitary PN63 Mini ball valve female to male Sanitary PN63 Mini ball valve female to female DIN Sanitary Mini ball valve male/male thread DIN Sanitary mini ball valve male/female thread DIN Sanitary mini ball valve female/female thread SS304/SS316L Sanitary mini ball valves F*F NPT SS304/SS316L Sanitary mini ball valves F*M NPT SS304/SS316L Sanitary mini ball valves M*M NPT 

Sanitary Butterfly Valves

Sanitary Clamped Butterfly Valve 3A 3A DIN Hygienic Welded Butterfly Valves SS304 Sanitary DIN Threaded Butterfly valve Sanitary Stainless Steel 3 piece Weld Butterfly Valve Electric Actuated Sanitary Butterfly Valves Clamped Sanitary Butterfly Valve with Aluminium Penumatic Acutator Pneumatic Actuated Sanitary Butterfly Valve Butterfly Valves Sanitary Intelligent Pneumatic DIN Sanitary thread butterfly valve with handle SMS Sanitary thread butterfly valve with handle ISO/IDF Sanitary thread butterfly valve with handle Sanitary Electric actuator butterfly valves weld end Sanitary pneumatic actuator butterfly valves welded end SMS Sanitary manual butterfly valve DIN Sanitary stainless steel butterfly valve Sanitary butterfly valve wafer type Saniatary butterfly valves thread/flange DIN Sanitary flanged butterfly valves 

Sanitary Check Valves

Sanitary Check Valve Weld Type Sanitary Tri-Clamp Check Valve Sanitary Union Type Check Valve SMS Sanitary stainless steel weld check valve Stainless steel sanitary ball check valves SS304/316L Sanitary threaded check valve SMS/DIN Sanitary weld check valve union type DIN Sanitary stainless steel clamp check valve 3A Sanitary food grade clamp check valves Sanitary Ball Check Valves Y-type 

Sanitary Diaphragm Valves

Sanitary U Type Diaphragm Valves Clamp Ends Sanitary 3 Way Diaphragm Valves Tri Clamp Ends Sanitary Diaphragm Valve Weld Ends Manual Type Sanitary Direct Way Diaphragm Valves with Tri-clamp Ends Sanitary Pneumatic Operated Diaphragm Valves with Clamp Ends Sanitary Mini Diaphragm Valves with Tri-clamp Ends Sanitary U-Type Tee Welded Diaphragm Valve Sanitary three ways Diaphragm Valve with Butt-weld Ends Sanitary pneumatic tank bottom diaphragm valve Sanitary diaphragm valve weld end manual type Sanitary pneumatic diaphragm valves weld end DIN Sanitary Mini pneumatic diaphragm valve ASME BPE Sanitary Mini diaphragm valve 

Sanitary Sampling Valves

Sanitary yogurt sample valves Sanitary clamp aseptic diaphragm sample valves Sanitary welded sample valves Sanitary threaded sample valves Sanitary sampling valves for beer fermentation tank Sanitary grade aseptic sampling valves Sanitary stainless steel aseptic sampling valve with chain Sanitary food processing aseptic sampling valve Sanitary clamped sample valves 

Sanitary Pressure Relief Valves

3A Sanitary stainless steel rebreather valves DIN Sanitary constant pressure valve Sanitary exhaust air release valve with pressure gauge Sanitary stainless steel exhaust air release valves SMS Sanitary air filter rebreather ISO Sanitary constant pressure regulating adjusting valve DIN Sanitary stainless steel rebreather valves 3A Sanitary constant pressure regulating adjusting valve Sanitary clamp exhaust air release valve pressure gauge ISO Sanitary stainless steel clamp rebreather valve Sanitary vacuum air release breath valves 

Sanitary Safety Valves

Sanitary safety relief valves with clamped end Sanitary safety relief valves with welded end Sanitary safety relief valves with male threaded end Sanitary female threaded safety valves Sanitary pressure relieve safety valves with scale Sanitary regulating ball type safety control valve Sanitary manual Clamp Pressure Safety Relief Valve Sanitary pneumatic pressure relieves safety valves Sanitary negative pressure relief safety valve Sanitary exhaust safety valves stainless steel 

Sanitary Divert/Reversing Valves

3A Sanitary diversion valve Pneumatic double seat 3A Sanitary pneumatic single seat divert valve Sanitary manual LL line type flow diversion valve Sanitary Line-type 30T way shut off divert valve Sanitary pneumatic diverter seat valve with welding end DIN Sanitary pneumatic stop reversing valves SMS/ISO/IDFSanitary pneumatic stop reversing valves DIN Sanitary flow divert seat valves SMS/ISO/IDF Sanitary pneumatic shut off seat valve Sanitary pneumatic divert seat valve with clamped end BS/RJT sanitary globe/reversing valve 

Sanitary Angle Seat Valves

3A Sanitary female threaded angle seat valves Sanitary flange pneumatic angle seat valves DIN Sanitary clamped angle seat valves Sanitary welded plastic pneumatic angle seat valve 3A Sanitary clamped angle seat valves SMS/ISO Sanitary clamped angle seat valves Sanitary male threaded angle seat valves DIN Food grade welded angle seat valves 3A Sanitary pneumatic angle seat valves welding end DIN Sanitary pneumatic female threaded angle seat valves 

Sanitary Tank Bottom Valves

Sanitary welded Pneumatic Tank Bottom Valves Sanitary clamped tank bottom valves 3A Sanitary 45 Degree Y-type Tank Bottom Valve 3A Sanitary 90 Degree Y-type Tank Bottom Valve Sanitary flange pneumatic tank bottom valve DIN Sanitary 45 Degree Y-type Tank Bottom Valve DIN Sanitary 90 Degree Y-type Tank Bottom Valve food grade pneumatic tank bottom diaphragm valves Sanitary pneumatic tank bottom ball valves Food grade manual tank bottom diaphragm valves 

Sanitary Double Seat Mixproof Valves

Weld Sanitary 3 ways double seat mixproof valves Weld Sanitary 4 ways double seat mixproof valves Clamp Sanitary 3 ways double seat mixproof valves 3A clamp Sanitary double seat mixproof valves DIN weld Sanitary double seat mixproof valves 3A Sanitary pneumatic single seat mixproof valves DIN Sanitary pneumatic single seat mixproof valves Sanitary stainless steel mixproof valves Sanitary mixing proof valves Sanitary manual mixproof valves 

Sanitary Pipe Fittings

3A Sanitary Pipe Fittings

3A Sanitary Weld 90 Degree Short Elbows 3A Sanitary 45 Deg Weld Elbow SS304 3A Sanitary Fittings 90Deg Weld Elbow With Tangent Stainless Steel Hygienic 45 Deg Elbow with tangent 3A Sanitary Stainless Steel 180 Deg Welded Elbow 3A Sanitary Tri Clamped Elbow 45Deg SS304 Stainless Steel Sanitary 3A 90Deg Clamp Elbow Sanitary U Type 180 Deg Clamp Elbow Hygienic U type Weld and Clamp 180Deg Elbow Sanitary U type 180Deg Weld Elbow SS304 3A Stainless Steel Sanitary Welded Equal Tees 3A Sanitary Weld Reducing Tee SS304 3A Sanitary Weld Tee Long Type SS316L Polished Weld Lateral Tee Sanitary Fitting 304 Sanitary Welded Tee Y-type Stainless Steel 3 Way Sanitary 3A Tri Clamped Equal Tees 3A Sanitary Tri Clamp Reducing Tees SS316L Sanitary Tri Clamp Y type Tees SS304 Sanitary Lateral Tees Tri Clamped 3A Sanitary Welded Cross Stainless Steel 

DIN Sanitary Pipe Fittings

DIN Sanitary 45D Weld Elbow DIN11850 Sanitary 90D Weld Elbow Mirror Finish DIN 90D Sanitary Weld Elbow with Tangents DIN Sanitary 180D Weld Elbow DIN Sanitary Weld Tee Short Type DIN Sanitary 45Deg Clamp Elbow DIN Sanitary Weld Tee Long Type DIN Sanitary/Hygienic grade Reduing Tee DIN11850/DIN11851 Sanitary Weld Cross DIN Hygienic Short Type Con Reducer DIN Sanitary Weld Ecc Reducer DIN Sanitary Clamp Elbow 90degree DIN Sanitary/Hygienic Clamp Tee DIN Hygienic Clamp Reducing Tee DIN Sanitary Y Type Clamp Tee DIN Sanitary Y Type Weld Tee DIN Sanitary Clamp Cross DIN Sanitary Clamp Concentric Reducer DIN Sanitary Clamp Eccentric Reducer DIN Sanitary Short Type Welded Reducing Tee 

ISO/IDF Sanitary Pipe Fittings

ISO/IDF Sanitary Elbow 90 Degree clamped ISO/IDF Sanitary clamped Tee pipe fittings ISO/IDF Sanitary clamped cross pipe fittings ISO/IDF Sanitary concentric welded tube reducer ISO/IDF Sanitary eccentric welded tube reducer ISO/IDF Sanitary clamped concentric reducer ISO/IDF Sanitary clamped eccentric reducer ISO/IDF Sanitary welded Tee pipe fittings ISO/IDF Sanitary welded cross pipe fittings ISO/IDF Sanitary welded Elbow 45 degree ISO/IDF Sanitary welded Elbow 90 degree 

BPE Sanitary Pipe Fittings

Sanitary Weld/Clamp 90 Deg Elbow SS316L DIN Sanitary Weld/Clamp Con Reducer BPE Sanitary Welded Clamp and Weld Tee BPE Standard Weld/Clamp Concentric Reducer BPE Sanitary welded elbow 90 degree BPE Sanitary welded elbow 45 degree BPE Sanitary welded elbow 180 degree BPE Sanitary elbow 90 degree welded Tee BPE Sanitary 4 way pipe fittings welding cross BPE Sanitary welded reducing Tee BPE Sanitary welded concentric reducer BPE Sanitary eccentric welded tube reducer 

SMS/DS Sanitary Pipe Fittings

SMS/DS Sanitary weld Elbow 45 degree SMS/DS Sanitary long welded Elbow 90 degree SMS/DS Sanitary long type welded Tee SMS/DS Sanitary short type welded Tee SMS/DS Sanitary short type welded cross SMS/DS Sanitary short type welded Elbow 90 degree SMS/DS Sanitary concentric reducer SMS/DS welded Sanitary eccentric reducer 

AS1528 Sanitary Fittings

AS1528 Sanitary 90 degree elbow long weld AS1528 Sanitary elbow 90 degree welded AS1528 Sanitary elbow 45 degree long welded AS1528 Sanitary Tee long welded AS1528 Sanitary equal Tee welded AS1528 sanitary pulled Tee welded AS1528 Sanitary reducing pulled Tee welded AS1528 Sanitary reducing Tee welded AS1528 Sanitary long welded cross AS1528 Sanitary short welded cross AS1528 Sanitary concentric reducer AS1528 Sanitary eccentric reducer welded 

ISO1127 Sanitary Pipe Fittings

ISO1127 Sanitary welded 90 degree elbow pipe fittings ISO1127 Sanitary welded Tee pipe fittings ISO1127 Sanitary concentric reducer fittings ISO1127 Sanitary eccentric reducer pipe fittings 

BS4825 Sanitary Pipe Fittings

BS4825 Sanitary welded 90 degree elbow fittings BS4825 Sanitary 90 degree elbow straight end BS4825 Welded Sanitary long type Tee BS4825 Sanitary short type Tee pipe fittings 

I-line Fittings

Sanitary I-line reducer fittings Sanitary I-line ferrule fittings 3A sanitary I-line ferrule fittings Sanitary I-line Adapter Fittings 

Sanitary Clamps

13MHH Single Pin Heavy Duty Sanitary Clamps Sanitary 3PC Clamp 13MHHM-3P Clamps SS304 Sanitary 13MHP High Pressure Clamp 3A/DIN Sanitary 13MHHM-DP Double Pin Clamp Sanitary Heavy Duty 13MHH Single Pin Tri Clamp Sanitary 13SF heavy duty double pin pipe clamp Sanitary stainless steel heavy duty single pin clamp(DIN) Sanitary stainless steel pressing clamp Sanitary DIN and SMS Spanner Wrenches RJT Sanitary Spanner Wrenches 3A Sanitary spanner wrenches 13LAH heavy duty clamp Single pin clamp 13IS Double pin clamp 13EU 

Sanitary Ferrule & Adapters

3A Sanitary food grade heavy-type ferrule DIN Sanitary food grade clamped ferrules SMS Sanitary Food grade pipe clamp ferrules Sanitary food grade expanding tri clamp ferrule Sanitary Ferrule Female Short Weld I-Line ISO/IDF Sanitary tri-clamp ferrules fittings BPE Sanitary tri-clamp ferrules fittings Sanitary adapter NPT male(19-14MP NPT) Sanitary adapter NPT male Hexagon clamped (21MP NPT) Sanitary NPT female clamped adapter(22-14MP NPT) Sanitary NPT male adapter(19WBF NPT) Sanitary grade adapter NPT female clamp (22-14MP NPT) Sanitary nipple/coupling clamped rubber hose Sanitary nipple/coupling welded rubber hose Sanitary nipple/coupling union-type rubber hose 3A Sanitary weld I-Line pipe clamp ferrules 3A/SMS 14WMP/14MMP/14AMP Sanitary ferrule Sanitary ferrules & adapters JIS-14AMD/16AMD/14RMP 14WI/15WI Sanitary I-line ferrules 14WI Cap Male ferrule 

Sanitary Pipe Holder/Hangers

Sanitary Hexagon pipe fitting pipe holders Sanitary Hexagon pipe holder with tube hanger Sanitary round pipe holder with tube hanger Sanitary pipe holder round pipe fitting Sanitary round pipe holder with solid bar Stainless Pipe Hanger Tube Holder With Circular Base Sanitary round pipe hanger with blue rubber insert Sanitary stainless steel heavy duty pipe holder Sanitary Hexagon holder rubber inserts 

Sanitary End Caps

3A Sanitary End Cap Stainless Steel fitting clamp SMS Sanitary Clamp End Cap Stainless Steel DIN Sanitary Stainless Steel fitting Clamp End Cap Sanitary butt weld fitting solid end caps SS304 Sanitary female end cap SMS Stainless steel Sanitary male end cap 

Sanitary Unions

3A Sanitary Union

3A Sanitary unions blind nut 3A Sanitary unions expanding male 3A Sanitary unions Hexagon nut 3A Sanitary unions long male pipe fittings 3A Sanitary unions short liner SS316L 3A Sanitary unions round nut SS304/SS316L Mancon nut 4 slots M-13R 

DIN Sanitary Unions

Sanitary DIN Union SS316L Sanitary DIN11851 Unions DN50 SS304 Sanitary aseptic screwed union Sanitary solid blind nut end cap with chain Sanitary union part expanding male DIN11850 Sanitary unions blind nut with chain 

RJT Sanitary Unions

Sanitary RJT Union Stainless Steel 304 Sanitary Hexagon nut unions RJT Sanitary pipe fitting union liner RJT Sanitary unions round nut RJT Sanitary unions blind nut with chain RJT Sanitary unions blind nut without chain SS304 RJT Sanitary unions short male SS316L Sanitary unions long male RJT Sanitary unions short liner SS304 SS316L RJT Sanitary union long liner RJT Sanitary unions expanded male RJT Sanitary expanding unions 

SMS Sanitary Unions

Sanitary SMS/DS Union Stainless Steel Sanitary solid blind nut end cap without chain SMS Sanitary unions short-type SMS Sanitary complete union long type SMS Sanitary unions blank nut with chain 

ISO/IDF Sanitary Unions

ISO/IDF Sanitary Union SS304 ISO/IDF Sanitary unions round nut ISO/IDF Sanitary Hexagon nut unions ISO/IDF Sanitary blind nut unions ISO/IDF Sanitary liner unions IDF Sanitary expanded liner unions ISO/IDF Sanitary unions male IDF Sanitary blanks nut IDF-13HBN 

DS Sanitary Unions

DS sanitary Stainless Steel Unions DS Sanitary Nut union DS Sanitary union blank nut DS Sanitary unions short liner DS Sanitary unions long liner DS Sanitary unions short male pipe fittings DS Sanitary unions long male pipe fittings 

Sanitary Cleaning Equipments

Sanitary Strainers/Filters

A270 3A Stainless Steel 316L Sanitary Strainers Y-Strainer 3A Sanitary Clamped Straight Filter SS304 3A sanitary Welded straight strainer/filter SS304 sanitary welded Y-type strainer SS306 food grade Y-type welded filter 3A hygienic threaded Y-type filter/strainer 3A sanitary Welded angle-type strainer/filter 3A sanitary threaded angle-type strainer 3A sanitary strainer/Filter threaded Y-type SS306 hygienic filter clamped Y-type SS304 Sanitary Filter Threaded Straight 3A Sanitary strainer clamped angle-type 

Sanitary Spray Balls

Sanitary double circulation male threaded Rotary spray ball sanitary double circulation bolted rotary cleaning ball Sanitary double circulation female thread rotary spray ball Sanitary welded 360 degree rotary cleaing ball 3A Sanitary clamped Rotary cleaning/wash ball Sanitary Stainless Steel Female Thread Rotary spray ball Sanitary Bolted Rotary Spray ball for tank Sanitary stainless steel welded Fixed cleaning ball 3A Sanitary clamped Fixed cleaning ball SS304 Sanitary cleaning ball bolted Fixed Sanitary female threaded Fixed cleaing ball Sanitary male threaded Fixed cleaning ball 

Sanitary Sight Glasses

Sanitary stainless steel male threaded straight sight glass Sanitary sight glass thread straight with protection cover Sanitary male-thread straight sight glass protection net Sanitary four part sight glass welding end cross Sanitary sight glass union type stainless steel SS304 Sanitary light indicator union sight glass Sanitary stainless steel flanged sight glass Sanitary sight glass stainless steel clamped straight Sanitary Clamped Straight Sight Glass with protection net Sanitary clamped straight sight glass with protection cover Hygienic welded straight sight glass Hygienic welded straight sight glass with protection net Sanitary welded straight sight glass with protection cover DIN Sanitary sight glass union type 

Sanitary Manways

Atmospherics Sanitary Rectangular Manway Elliptical Sanitary Manway Manhole Cover Sanitary cleaning equipment circular type manhole cover Sanitary circular manways with sight glass Sanitary circular manways with pressure Sanitary oval inward manway with bevel edge Sanitary round non pressure manways with bulge 

Sanitary Pumps

Sanitary Centrifugal Pumps

Sanitary round cover open impeller centrifugal pump Sanitary centrifugal pump square cover close impeller Sanitary square cover open impeller centrifugal pump 

Hygienic Self-Priming Pumps

Sanitary stainless steel self-priming pumps 3A Sanitary CIP self-priming pumps Sanitary pipeline high shear movable emulsion pump Sanitary pipeline high shear fixed emulsion pump 

Sanitary Rotor Lobe Pumps

Sanitary stainless steel rotor lobe pumps Sanitary rotary lobe pumps with motor Sanitary transfer rotary lobe pumps without motor 

Stainless Steel Sanitary Tubes/Pipes

Sanitary Welded Tubes

Sanitary Tubes 3A ASTM A270 Tubes ISO2037 Sanitary Stainless Steel Polished Tube Sanitary Pipe Tube ISO2037 Stainless Steel Welded Sanitary Pipe Tube SMS Welded Stainless steel 3A Sanitary tubes stainless steel Sanitary tubes IDF welded Stainless steel DIN stainless steel tube welding BS4825 Sanitary tubes welding end stainless steel Sanitary welded tubes ISO1127 Stainless steel JISG3447 Sanitary tubes stainless steel Sanitary Square & Rectangular Tube Stainless steel 

Sanitary Seamless Pipes

Sanitary Polished Stainless Steel Tube – Hygienic Tubes Sanitary seamless tube DIN Stainless steel Seamless pipes BS4825 Stainless steel Sanitary seamless tubes ISO1127 stainless steel 

ASTM A249 Stainless Steel Tubes

SS304 Sanitary seamless tubes stainless steels ASTM A249 Stainless Steel weld Sanitary tubes 

ASTM A269 Stainless Steel Pipes

ASTM A269 Stainless Steel Sanitary Tubes SS316 Sanitary Seamless Tubing Stainless Steel 

ASTM A270 Sanitary Tubes

ASTM A270 Sanitary SS304 Polished Tubes SS304/SS316L Sanitary pipe tubes Stainless steel 

DIN11850 Sanitary Tubes

DIN11850 Sanitary Polished Tubes EN1.4404 Sanitary seamless tube DIN11850 Stainless steel DIN 11850 pipe tubes Stainless steel welded 

ASTM A554 Decorative Stainless Steel Pipes

ASTM A554 Ornamental Tubes 316 Stainless Steel Square Tubes ASTM A554 ASTM A554 stainless steel rectangular tube 

Vacuum Components / Fittings

KF(NW) Vacuum Flanges & Components

KF25 Blank Flange Vacuum Fitting - (Aluminum 6061-T6) NW/KF-50 Blank Flange Blind Flange Cap Vacuum Fitting Blank KF (QF) Stubs (304L SS) Vacuum Fittings ISO-KF SS304 Half Nipple Long Weld Stub KF-25 KF 316 Stainless Steel Half Nipple short KF-16 KF(QF)40 Half Nipple Long Weld Stub, Aluminium 6061-T6 KF longneck weld flange, KF long half nipple KF25 Bored Flange Stainless Steel 304 Bored KF (QF) Stainless Steel Flanges (Socket-Weld) KF Bored Weld Flange Stainless Steel 316/316L Braze KF and Weld Flanges - Brass Weld KF (QF) Stainless Steel Stubs Flange KF-KF conical reducing adapter SS304 KF-KF conical reducer nipple Aluminum 6061-T6 KF (QF) Vacuum Straight Reducer Nipples (304 SS) KF25-KF25 Full Nipples SS304 Vacuum fittings Adapter Conical KF-50 to ISO-63 Large Flange SS304 ISO-KF Straight Reducer Tubulated Adaptor Stainless Steel KF-CF Conical Reducer Stainless steel 316 CF-KF Tubulated Adaptor Stainless Steel 304 

ISO Vacuum Flanges & Components

ISO80-ISO63 conical reducing adapter SS316 ISO-CF Tubulated Adaptor / Straight Reducer SS316 ISO Straight Reducer Nipple Fittings NW63-NW100 ISO-K Bored Blank Flanges Stainless Steel 304 Blank Flanges Stainless Steel ISO-NW-100 Vacuum Fittings Stainless Steel KF Half Nipple customized ISO-F Blank Bolted Flanges Stainless Steel ISO-F Bored Bolted Flange Stainless Steel KF25 Rubber Hose Nozzles 304 Stainless Steel 45° ISO-K Radius Elbows ISO-K 90 Degree Mitered Elbow ISO-K 90 Degree Elbows Stainless Steel ISO-K NW100 Tees Stainless Steel 304 ISO 4Way Crosses Fittings ISO Vacuum LF 5WAY Crosses ISO-K (LF) 6Way Cross Stainless Steel ISO-K Half Nipple Stainless Steel 304 ISO-K DN160 Full Nipple Stainless Steel ISO-F Half Nipples Stainless Steel ISO-K Straight Reducer Full Nipples 

Vacuum Flexible Bellows

KF25 Compressible Stainless Steel Vacuum Bellows Hoses KF Flexible Bellows (Hose) Vacuum Bellows KF Baided Flexible Hoses/ Bellows Stainless Steel ISO Compressible Bellows Connections Vacuum Hoses ISO-KF Flexible Hoses Connectors 

Vacuum Centering Rings

KF Centering Ring Vacuum components KF50 Centering Ring with Viton Oring Aluminum Stainless Steel KF25 Centering Ring Oring Vacuum components KF Centering Rings with Outer Ring and O'Ring KF Overpressure Ring SS304 KF Centering Ring SS304 KF,ISO Centering Ring Aluminium ISO Split Retainer Rings SS304 QF63 ISO-K Centering Rings with Viton O-Ring Retainer Ring KF ISO Centering Ring with Screen SS304 Vacuum O-Rings Seal Viton NBR material KF10-KF16 Adaptive Centering Rings ISO63-500 Aluminium Outer Ring 

Vacuum Clamps

KF Vacuum Clamps Aluminium ISO250 Double Wall Clamp Al ISO63-100 M8 Single Wall Clamp ISO Double Claw Clamp Stainless Steel ISO Mild Steel Zinc Plated Double Claw Clamps Stainless Steel KF40 Vacuum Clamps T-Bolt Hose Clamps (SAE) 

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